Green Ashes

Green Ashes, from Los Angeles, is an up-and-coming powerhouse of an Irish band. Honing their craft in little bars on Friday nights, Green Ashes is creating a sound and a show that leaves people jumping up and down and wondering “Do people still dance to this kind of music?” The band’s explosive energy and modern twist on old songs is turning heads from not only unsuspecting bar goers, but even CBS Los Angeles, naming the band and Irish Times one of the “Best Bets on St. Patrick’s Day.” Their sound comes from reaching back to the old classic pub music of Ireland, playing songs such as “Wild Rover,” “Old Black Rum,” and “The Boys of the Old Brigade.” But watching 15 minutes of their Friday night set at band-favorite-pub Irish Times in Culver City will help anyone clearly see that this isn’t your everyday traditional Irish band. You should keep an ear out when you walk by a rocking pub in the Los Angeles nights, you could be delightfully surprised.

Samantha Rawlings

Violin & Vocals

Patrick Murphy

Guitars & Vocals

Rich Silva


Mark Serridge

Bass Guitar